Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fun with Liz and Nate

I read this for Romance Bingo - Love is Murder square.

Book Review
Lowcountry Bordello (Liz Talbot Mystery #4)
Henery Press, 2015
Read January 2017
4 stars

I love this series. Liz is smart, dedicated, and funny while trying to figure out a murder inside a modern bordello run by a friend's (Olivia Pearson) great aunt. Nate really shines in this book too, as both her future husband and as a partner in their detective agency - he balances Liz's theories with his own without talking down to her or dismissing her. I could have done without all the wedding talk; I am just not one for paragraphs of dress fittings, mom of the bride demands, or snobby wedding planners. I would have rather Liz and Nate tie the knot in between books off the page or maybe a novella so I could skip it altogether. The wedding plans kept interrupting the investigation and I skimmed those paragraphs after a while. Also, wedding + Christmas time + intense investigation = over kill and a feeling of the story being rushed so each plotline could be resolved by the end of the book.

The murder mystery was cleverly plotted, as were how the bordello was started and how it was run by the great aunt. There was a variety of suspects and back story; I would suggest not swimming pool if you knew what laid beneath. But the ending sealed the 4 star rating - the author really knows to finish off both a book and a small plotline with a big bang. Plus, Colleen's presence continues to work in regards to the mystery, but her presence at the wedding made me tear up a little.

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