Monday, January 16, 2017

New Feature! Musty Monday January 16-22, 2017

Musty Monday TBR
January 16-22, 2017

Hey fellow readers! Welcome to my new blog feature, Musty Monday TBR! This is a new feature of the blog designed to break down my big yearly challenges into bite-sized goals to keep me progressing. The name comes from how much dust is accumulating on my physical TBR book shelf.

Today is MLK Jr Day, but living overseas the holiday doesn't have the same recognition or activity as it does back in the U.S. If you spent the holiday volunteering, engaging in political activity, or reading, I hope it was a good one. I spent the day with hubby and kids watching movies - yes, I FINALLY got to see Star Trek: Beyond and loved it! Also, yet another viewing of The Smurfs 2 (my kids are obsessed with all things Smurfs).

I am getting ready for 24in48 read-a-thon, coming up this weekend. I decided that, rather than have a dedicated TBR for the read-a-thon, I am just going to use the weekend to finishing what I was already reading this week. This way I am not putting books on hold to read after the read-a-thon and do not gain a list of half-read books.

My Musty Monday TBR:
1. Finishing Heir to a Desert Legacy by Maisey Yates (Romance Bingo)

2. Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala (Diseases and Disasters challenge)

3. With Every Letter (Wings of the Nightingale #1) by Sarah Sundin (Romance Bingo and Physical TBR)

4. Lowcountry Bordello (Liz Talbot #4) by Susan M. Boyer (Romance Bingo)

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